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    What is a Certification Fee?

    A Certification Fee is a fee charged to the SELLER of a home or unit in an HOA that sets forth the amount of unpaid assessments and other charges against a lot.

    What is a Transfer Fee?

    A Transfer Fee is a fee charged to the BUYER of a home or unit in an HOA that ensures that all of your HOA data is updated to the correct information.

    What is a Capital Contribution Fee?

    A Capital Contribution Fee is a “buy in” fee into the Community.

    I no longer live in this Community. Now what?

    Once an owner has sold their property, it can take up to 3 weeks for the Closings Department to receive the Closings Packet. Once received, we will update the new owners into the system and all information from the previous owners will be removed. If the previous owner was set up on Auto Draft, that will cancel.

    I just moved to this Community. Now what?

    If you are a new owner, please wait up to 3 weeks for the information to be updated in our system. If you would like to provide your deed to the Closings Department, you may do so by visiting closings@mycmg.com

    What are Rental Restrictions? How do I know if my community has them?

    Rental Restrictions are whether or not your community has a max rate of how many renters live within the Community. You may visit HOA Vine to inquire about this information, or contact Cedar Management.

    How do I request a Closing Statement?

    To obtain a closing statement, you will need to email the Closings Department at closings@mycmg.com. If you would like to request for the closings statement to be rushed, you may include RUSH in the subject line or body of the email.

    How can I get a Condo Questionnaire completed?

    To receive a completed Condo Questionnaire, you can provide the questionnaire to closings@mycmg.com. Depending on how many pages the questionnaire is, there will be a fee between $205-295. Once the Closings Department receives your questionnaire, they will send you a link to pay for the request. Once payment is received, they will then have 3-5 business days to complete and return back. If you request for a RUSH there will be a fee of $100.00 and then will be received within 3 business days.

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