If this is a maintenance emergency please do not fill out the form but call 704-644-8808

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    You can check by going to weather.com and entering in your zip code at the top of the website.

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    Maintenance FAQs

    Click on the question to see the answer

    How do I submit a Service/Maintenance Request?

    To submit a Maintenance Request, fill out the form on this page. Or you can email Maintenance@mycmg.com or submit it through the HOA Vine under Issues and Requests.

    Issues and requests

    Screenshot of where to submit maintenance request in HOA Vine

    If this is a maintenance emergency please do not fill out the form but call 704-644-8808

    What is the Status of my Maintenance Request?

    To see the status of your Maintenance Request, you can log into HOA Vine, go under Issues and Requests and click Submit New, then select Service Request.

    Gate Issues:

    For gate issues, you can give us a call at 704-644-8808 to submit a SR, email Maintenance or submit it through HOA Vine.

    What is considered an Urgent Maintenance Request?

    An ongoing leak, a tree blocking the road, an issue that is affecting the entire community or a matter that needs immediate attention is considered an urgent maintenance request.

    I have an inspection report and need to know what items on the report the HOA is responsible to repair.

    You can email the inspection report to Maintenance@mycmg.com or you can submit a SR for each issue and it will take at least 12-14 days for it to be approved or denied

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